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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Books update

I've started my reading for Kings (hopefully not jinxing anything) so not reading as many novels as I would like but I do have a quick update to share with you:

This is my third Kristin Gore book and I very much enjoyed it.

Unlike Sammy's Hill and Sammy's House there isn't so much humour in this book but Gore still creates characters that it's easy to like. Although the story takes place in the present day in a small town in Mississippi the story is based on two murders in 1966 which remain unsolved.

Jiminy Davis needs a break from her life in Chicago and on a whim decideds to visit her grandmother in Fayeville. There she meets Bo Waters, the nephew of her grandmother's housekeeper, Lyn and they have to decide whether to try and pursue a relationship in a disapproving town. In addition Jiminy learns that Lyn's husband and daughter's murders have never been investigated. Jiminy contacts a lawyer known for success in solving 'cold' civil-rights cases and starts to investigate.

The novel explores race relations in Fayeville in both the 1960s and the present day and the message isn't all reassuring. Possibly the ending is a little contrived but the story is well written and engrossing and so I will forgive Gore for tying up all the endings so neatly.

I look forward to her next novel, just hoping it is a little longer.

I've got a few more that I will share as the week goes on.

Thanks for reading

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