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Friday, 17 June 2011

A first class experience

So, just back from holiday - well back for a couple of days but I spent most of the first day sleeping or trying not to go back to sleep and yesterday a cold started so that was my excuse for not doing anything (lame, I know).

To try and not bore you all silly I'll split the posts up into a day or couple of days at a time and that way if something appeals, or the opposite, you only have to look at that.  I thought I'd try and be helpful so as well as talking about what I've done I'll try and provide some practical advice about how I did what I did - the kind I wish the guidebooks do and I'll provide an update on books etc. as some of you seem to find that helpful.

To begin - well there may be one person in the world I didn't tell that I blew all of my airmiles and treated myself to a first class return ticket, just paying the £500 and something tax.  I'm not a great flier -  I don't like taking off and landing and there isn't much way to avoid that as you know - but this time I was certainly looking forward to the experience.  The flight was with BA so from Terminal 5 - those of you who know me know I love T5.  I'd be happy to go on holiday there - all those lovely shops, Gordon Ramsey and, when the sun shines, the whole thing sparkles.  Anyway you go to the first class check in area and wow, are they nice to you!  I've never been called by name so much in my life!  The lady on check in recommended I go to the Concorde Room and have breakfast so, after my first class shopping for luxuries such as Werther's Originals (other chewing sweets are available) to stop my ears hurting as we climbed, I ventured in, reasonably certain they would say you don't belong in here, there's plenty of seats outside.  But no, it was does Madam want breakfast?  Of course Madam did - toast and eggs benedict and very nice too.  It wasn't too crowded in there as it was a Saturday morning & didn't see anyone famous but you can't have everything.

Did you know that when you fly first class you are escorted to your seat?  Neither did I and I'm not sure it's strictly necessary when there are only 14 seats in the cabin but there I was with a very nice BA steward walking me all of about 5 steps.  There were only 5 other seats occupied (the Saturday thing again I suppose) and so it was lovely and quiet in the cabin.  I resisted the sleeping suit and the slippers and settled down to watch Black Swan.  Have you seen it and if so can you explain the ending to me?  Does it really happen or is it in her imagination?  (I'm trying to be cryptic for anyone who hasn't seen it and wants to.)  I have to say the food was absolutely delicious - salmon tartare as an amuse (sp.?) bouche, Spanish ham & chorizo starter and steak and chips for the main course.  Strangely enough I passed on dessert.  Then they bring round a box of chocolates to help yourself from - lovely!  After Black Swan I moved on to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (eclectic mix or what?) - it was great.  I loved Reepicheep, in fact so much so that I have found a picture to share with you  - isn't he adorable & you'd certainly be happy to have him on your side in a fight.  

We were also treated to afternoon tea, of course, but I restricted myself to the most yummy warm scone, lovely clotted cream and jam.  No little container to cream in 1st - oh no!  It came in a beautiful dish which matched my own little tea pot.  That's what you're paying all that money for after all.  The service was amazing and the seats are extremely comfortable but I don't think I would be willing to pay all those thousands of pounds for a ticket normally.  Now, if someone else offered ...

We landed about 25 minutes early and immigration was a lot better than usual.  Normally I get questions about the Turkish visas in my passport or why am I on my own but this time it was pretty quick and I was out into the New England sunshine.

I'll stop here and part 2 will be about my Boston hotel, the fact I travelled thousands of miles and watched football in my hotel room and my first day proper.  Hope this is OK with you.


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